Fair and honest

Others charge fees for the work completed. We do things differently.

Risk free

If you are investing your precious time and hard earned money into our service - you rightly expect to be 100% happy when it is completed, not 75% but 100% satisfied. 

"Advice is not tangible, you can't touch it, take it for a test drive  and you will only know if you are truly satisfied at the end of the advice process. I'm confident that if we take on a client, they will be 100% happy with what we've done for them. I'm going to offer a guarantee, it may sound a little tacky but I don't know any other way to express my gratitude for using our services without worrying about the fee"  Ray Martin MD


We guarantee not to take on your project unless we feel we can add value. This may be by way of reduced costs, tax mitigation, better planning, peace of mind or improved performance.  If you are not 100% happy that the advice will pay for itself in a number of ways, then pay what you think is fair.  

This gives you a risk free access to advice; knowing that you will be 100% happy that you have received excellent value for money. 

What did Brian (on the right say) is a freedom and what's was his old saying before he met us?


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