Our Story

Back in 2005 when we were founded, we were very different from nearly every other IFA. The dilemma  back then was that most firms earned their income from commission. That didn't feel right to us. 

We concentrated on what we enjoyed, and what would enhance our clients financial wellbeing. We then designed  our service proposition based on these principles, which can be summarised below: 

  • We wanted to be specialists, not generalists. We are passionate about retirement planning and investments. It's what we enjoy. There is a great feeling of achievement in guiding someone to the best retirement possible.  
  • Many other firms concentrate on products and investments. i.e drawdown plans or ISAs. That's the equivalent of being more concerned about the vehicles on a long unknown journey, rather than the destination and map .  Bill came to us asking about whether he should have a pension drawdown scheme (product advice). He went away knowing how to never run out of money, fund his holidays, pay for his daughter's wedding and enjoy life to the full. Because of this planning, he also knew which products would be most suited to deliver the results he wanted. Simple, but often over looked! 
  • Concentrate on value for money. We are one of a handful of advisors to guarantee value for money. Why? We value your custom and trust (see below for more details)
  • We only work with a limited number of clients per advisor. To guarantee  individual, highly focused attention. To see if we are right for each other Click here

Work with us if you require:

    • A firm specialising in pre and in retirement advice (including pensions and drawdown). 
    • You don't want to become a pension and investment expert. Preferring to enjoy life and concentrating on what matters.
    • Want things explained in simple understandable terms.
    • A warm friendly award winning team. You will be made to feel welcome and never be "talked at". Your success is ours.

We would love to meet you, and show how we can personally help you. This chat is at our cost, and offered without any obligation on your part whatsoever. Click here to book.

Our guarantee to you

    • We will only supply our services, if we feel you will benefit from our advice. 
    • You do not have to pay a penny, if you feel we have not kept to our promises. This provides risk free access to advice.
    • We will ensure that your finances are fine tuned, tax efficient, risk adjusted and aligned to your needs.
    • We will improve your financial life. You will be far more informed, confident and worry less about money.

Trusted, independent, financial advice

Know where your money is taking you, then decide where you want to go. We will make the road forward clearer, and focus on one thing - ensuring you reach your financial goals. We are proud of the fact that all of our independent financial advisors have a capped number of clients, ensuring that you receive the personalised service you deserve when it comes to your finances.

Small but perfectly formed

If you become a client we guarantee that the person at the end of the phone will know who you are and will be able to help. Why? Because we are a team that believe each client deserves individual attention and excellent service.


World Class research and facilities

We invest heavily into some of the best research facilities available. These are comparible with the facilities available from the biggest national advice firms and banks.


Excellent value

Think financial advice may be too expensive? Think again, as our pricing is amongst the most reasonable in the industry. Add in our guarantee and obtaining advice is now risk free.


I wanted to offer something different than other advisors, by focusing solely on the goals of our clients, not the selling of products.

Ray Martin, Founder

Book an initial consultation, at our cost. 

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Enjoy an unbiased financial health check to ensure you are on track to meet your financial objectives. To be truly independent, the health check must come from a firm that is paid the same whatever the outcome and has access to the best solutions available.