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    Excellent Financial Planning

    Know where your money is taking you, then decide where you want to go - we will make the future clearer and focus on one thing...... your success

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    Successful Wealth Management

    Grow, protect, and ENJOY your wealth

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    Offering quality financial advice in Epsom, Surrey, Kingston and London

    Friendly local Financial advisors Epsom, Kingston, Surrey and London

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    We actively encourage you to talk to our existing clients.

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    Lead the life you deserve

    Imagine and then plan for the life you deserve by getting in touch - The first consultation is on us.

Clarity and peace of mind.

We believe that to truly benefit from financial advice, you need a plan (clarity), the right tools to get the job done and a team you can trust (peace of mind).

Bill came to us confused about whether he should have an annuity or an income drawdown scheme. He left knowing the best way to fund his daughters wedding, his two holidays a year and whether his wife could afford to pay the bills should he pass away. He was no longer confused.

Our wealth management team take great pride in fine tuning the investment strategy, putting all the cogs together with the aim of minimising your tax, boosting performance and controlling risk.

Together - with you at the centre of the process - it leads to peace of mind. It's great to clear the fog!

Our service starts with a financial health check and planning. Many others do it differently. Please watch our video to see if we are the right advisers for you.


Our guarantee helps ensure you receive value for money and keeps us totally focused on you and your needs.

So there you have it - We are Financial Planners and Wealth Managers providing financial advice in Epsom, Surrey and Central London.

It would be great to hear from you, so why not book an initial consultation at our cost.

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Wealth Management

Outstanding, old-fashioned customer service is an essential part of Four Seasons Financial Planning. And it always will be. But when it comes to looking after clients’ money, that...

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We guarantee not to take on your project unless we feel we can add value. This may be by way of reduced costs, tax mitigation, better planning, peace of mind or improved performance....

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Pension Advice

  Here’s how we provide quality Pension advice in Epsom, Surrey and London If you talk to most people about pensions, they’re more confused than they’ve ever been. “I’ve...

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Our clients say

Four Seasons are different from any other firm I’ve come across. Ray was more interested in talking about my plans than my pension.

However, five years on I now know why. As he explained the pension is purely a tool to get me to where I wanted to go. Well I’ve arrived and I’m not sure what would happened if I did not meet the team at Four Seasons.

They coach as much as advise, this makes a world of difference because they want to deliver to my needs. If you want a personal service that does involve regular reviews and consultation, talk to them, I’m glad I did!

Mrs T.

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