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Putting life into money!

Where are your finances taking you?

Never before has making the most of money and planning your financial future been as important as today. Cash deposits are at an all time low, annuity rates are dismal and the economic situation is not exactly rosy. But where others see doom and gloom, we see opportunities.

Over the next couple of years we expect to help approximately 10% of our clients retire. All are on target to lead the lives they need and want. Many others are financially independent and are seeing more than satisfactory investment returns – and more importantly, they’re enjoying life to the full.


Because when we sat down with them for the first time, we did not initially talk about pensions or investments. We instead discussed what their future needed to include, and from that day their mentality changed from reacting to planning. We made sure their money worked hard for them by reducing tax (where possible) and set targets for performance. We then review the situation again and again to make sure the plan is successful. It's team work between us and the client.

We encourage action by opening your eyes to where your finances are taking you and what's needed to fund those important things in life. We dust down the paperwork and make sure what you've got, or need to have, is going to get you from A to B as efficiently as possible.

Take a look at a example of our work by reading how we helped Jenny

Many other advisers are very good at selecting products, very few excel in drawing out your real needs, objectives and planning to meet them..  The Investments, Pensions, Annuities Buy to Lets, etc are merely tools to get the job done. It helps to have the best tools available after knowing what we are trying to build first.

Maybe you are thinking; "All this is great but I'm still not sure if seeing a financial adviser will be good value for money". Our guarantee helps ensure you receive value for money and keeps us totally focused on you and your needs.

As far as we are aware, we are the only company locally to offer a guarantee. Why not take a look by clicking here

So there you have it - We are Financial Planners and Wealth Managers providing financial advice in Epsom, Kingston and Richmond, Surrey and Central London. It would be great to hear from you, so why not book an initial consultation at our cost.

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Our clients say

Four Seasons are different from any other firm I’ve come across. Ray was more interested in talking about my plans than my pension.

However, five years on I now know why. As he explained the pension is purely a tool to get me to where I wanted to go. Well I’ve arrived and I’m not sure what would happened if I did not meet the team at Four Seasons.

They coach as much as advise, this makes a world of difference because they want to deliver to my needs. If you want a personal service that does involve regular reviews and consultation, talk to them, I’m glad I did!

Mrs T.

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